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RoriTravel is now RoriTravel’s Flordia

Hey, we’ve done it! We’ve gone & refurbished & launched the new & totally awesome RoriTravel’s Florida!

We’ve also moved with this new title and new look. So feel free to remove this address from your address book, and come on over to the new site! 

We’ve added more photos so you can get a great look at all these fun and cool places we’re checking out. We’re doing new stories - while moving the most popular ones from here on over there.

Video has joined the program!

Yep, we’ve added video to take you to a whole new level of seeing and experiencing the places that we’re visiting. 

So don’t delay, move on over and join me on the journey. RoriTravel’s Florida is a whole new way to see and discover Florida!

Make the move with us over to RoriTravel’s Florida

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New RoriTravel to launch soon…

I’ve been saying it for a few weeks now, but if all continues on this path, we’ll be launching the new RoriTravel next week! 

Don’t miss out on Sebring International Raceway, MazdaSpeed Racing, Sea World, Disney World, Richard Petty Driving Experience, water sports and all those things I’m going to be sharing here on RoriTravel!

RVing is coming soon… video is getting set to start… a new Facebook Fan page… the same photos you’ve come to know (and hopefully love) will be right here… all of it bigger and better than ever!

We’re even adding categories for individual searches! We’ll be exploring Destination Weddings in Florida, theme parks, the towns you’ve heard of, and the ones you haven’t, and outdoor activities like kayaking.

So please stay tuned… we’ll announce the launch on Twitter - if you’re not following there, please check me out at Twitter/RoriTravel. 

This is it… another step forward, bringing you the information about Florida you know you can trust, because its me - like you - being a traveler and trying it out, then sharing it all with you!

Ready, Set… 

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Me and a dolphin. It took a few tries to get a good shot, but I’m at the underwater viewing area in Sea World with one of my new friends. Dolphins are one of my favorite animals, though all animals are dear to me. Articles on our day at Sea World coming soon. Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul

Me and a dolphin. It took a few tries to get a good shot, but I’m at the underwater viewing area in Sea World with one of my new friends. Dolphins are one of my favorite animals, though all animals are dear to me. Articles on our day at Sea World coming soon. Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul

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Lakeridge Winery puts on the Blues in April

Admit it, a blanket spread across the grass, blue Florida sky, a glass of wine and the Blues playing in the background… wow, now that’s cool. Romantic. Chilling good time.

Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards, Central Florida’s own, hosts Blues at the Winery April 17th & 18th. 

With live music and wine for the enjoying, plan a day where the sun shines, the music dances on the air with the calls of the sea birds and the blue skies fill the backdrop as if a Hollywood movie artist created it all just for you.

The Winery’s famous, complementary tours and wine tasting are part of the offerings throughout the festival. Food and beverages for purchase, the Lakeridge Winery Gift Shop all are part of the event.

Saturday the 17th, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Sunday the 18th, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Admission is $2.00

Parking Free

Lakeridge Winery & Vineyard 

Map & Hours 

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Conor Daly; Fast & furious, this young gun’s got it

When he first spotted my host, the smile that raised on his face lit up like the sun on a summer’s day. He looked not just young to my 4th decade eyes, but sweet, cute and buff. Man-child, this kid is is cut.

Even through his race gear, you could see the muscles on the 18 year old’s body, showing off not just the desire to master his sport, but rise to the top.

His smile is even more impressive up close, his handshake sure and firm, his attitude positive and genuine, yet his charm lies in a sweetness-come-confidence. 

Immediately I liked him. By the end of the first lap I was cheering for him. By the end of the day I wished for him the day he hoisted his first Formula One trophy. 

His name is Conor Daly, and he’s a race car driver.

Harkening from that midwestern-race-car-driver-field of Indiana, Conor has those midwestern work ethic values, kindness and confidence, and racing is in his blood. Dad is driver Derek Daly of Formula One and Indy Car fame, mom Beth, won a Novice Jet Ski World title.

Racing and winning are at the foundation of this kid’s talent. 

Yet what struck me time and again was his gentle kindness, his serious attention to the task at hand, and the Hollywood good looks sure to take him to the sponsorship heights of Jimmy Johnson, Dale Jr and Danica Patrick. 

My host, Dean Case of MazdaSpeed Motorsports, introduced me to this Mazda Young Gun, and for several minutes we chatted about the upcoming day, his race, and what his hopes are for his future.

Later I was trackside as he brought his race car to a stop for the Victory Lane celebrations. On this day at Sebring International Raceway, Conor had put forth an impressive race, but gear issues moved him from 1st into 3rd by race end. He still had plenty to be proud of, no matter the obvious disappointment. 

Yet with a grace one might argue is beyond his years, his sportsmanship and honor had him talking strategy with his crew and being gracious in his slip into 3rd. That lowest level on the pedestal didn’t show his true glory - that of a great driver with an even greater attitude. 

Conor gets congratulated following the race. Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul.

Watching him in the hat dance, taking his place in the Victory photos and taking congratulations from those back down at track level, he was at once a man-child still so new to this element (in spite his almost veteran years) and seasoned man understanding that all of this is at its core is still about the relationship.

He’d said that earlier - relationship.

I’d asked him about it, what was important about racing, what he had to do to be out front, what his dream was for his future and from this young man of merely 18, he already knew that business and success sat as foundational bedrock in relationship.

He’s got it.

Both on the track and off, Conor Daly has got the goods. His talent is palpable as he moves around the track, smooth as a good drink (that he’s not old enough to enjoy), confident as a veteran ready to take yet another Championship. 

Off track he’s just as smooth, though watching, one can spot a sweetness, an innocence, a respect for those with more laps under their belts, and while he’s confident in those one on ones I observed, couldn’t help but see that the sweetness is perhaps an insecurity at being the center of attention. 

Memorize the name race fans, Conor Daly is here to stay. And one day, without question, girls will be wanting to date him, guys wanting to be his buddy, and race fans around the world straining to get his autograph. 

His dream is Formula One, just like dad, and he’ll get there. And while in the U.S. its not as popular as the more mainstream NASCAR, without doubt, Conor Daly is its future Jimmy Johnson, Dale Jr. and Danica Patrick. 

The future is here, and its name is Conor Daly. 

For more on Conor and his racing, take a look at his website or contact him for sponsorship.

On stage after accepting his 3rd place medal. Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul.

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Florida, Mazda & racing

Took a drive down to Sebring International Raceway for the day to experience Mazda racing. Ok, the real articles will be coming soon, but wanted to give you a teaser to get you excited… Please come back to see what it was all about!

Race car drivers, young guns with big dreams, Florida sun & fun welcoming race fans, new partners, and so much more. 

Dude, it was fun!

Mazda makes a day at the races thrilling! Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul.

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Kenny Chesney; a boy for the beach in all of us

They were the original boys on the beach, named such for a yearning reason and bringing us all on a never-ending summer under the sun, fun in the sand, always in California euphoria. Those of us over 30 & true to the soul of the sun, sand & surf will never forget them: the Beach Boys.

He coasted onto the scene not so much a hurricane, but a hurricane out of season. In those early days he was there, the parrots were singing, but the odyssey was still on the deep blue horizon. Yet when the winds of change turned directions and land-lovers across the prairies & cement acres finally heard the winds of change, Hurricane Buffett made landfall and all turned right with the world.

This boy is a new captain of fortune, a pirate who shares the booty well, a parrot of a different feather. His party rocks with a country roll, laying down across the sands and surf and declaring a new island and a grand-new party.

His hurricane has been building steam and for those along for the big-blow-party-ride, life is like an old blue chair at the shore, waves lapping, and memories played out on old movie film. 

His name is Kenny Cheney - landlocked no more - Tennessee as much in his review mirror as in his heart, the beaches and stadiums of America call him home, the party growing bigger every year.

The songs he sings are old friends the first time you hear them. Favorite old jeans, ripped and torn with time, loved and nurtured through the good and bad of life. You may never have met him, never even seen him in concert, but his message is that of your best guy-friend from high school, that buddy you always counted on, got in trouble with, and always knew would be in your corner. He was the first love you dated, the one still with a place in your heart. 

He’d give you the shirt off his back, and you’d do the same.

The Boys from the Beach and the guy who leads a legion of birds through tunes that’ll light the way, if the boat drinks aren’t already, have welcomed him to the beach - made room for him on the stage.

And with him, in his wake, along for this ride of a lifetime, the fans who’ve come to find fun under his rising-star-sun, where the party’s always on and 5 o’clock ain’t just somewhere, its here.

Welcome aboard the SSKenny. Kick off your shoes, pull up a chair or throw down a towel and grab a tall cold one -  the boat is ready to leave the pier.

If its your first song or hundred & first, it never gets old, and you never get older.

This is summer time, every day of the year, and you’re invited to the party.

Don’t believe me? Hang on & give it a try. You can thank me later!

Kenny Chesney Website
Kenny Chesney Videos 

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Link Issues & changes coming…

Sorry gang, don’t have a clue why the links are not taking today, nor the photos. Really ticking me off, but I’ve tried… just search what’s in there, and I’ll keep trying.

And don’t miss the changes coming soon to RoriTravel! 

A whole new look & whole new way to enjoy & discover Florida! 

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The New RoriTravel…

Well gang, its been a great ride, and soon, a whole new look. A few technical things have slowed us, but we’re just about ready.

The last year has been such a ride, and the growth has been amazing! From a business column on to adding travel. From Phoenix to Chicago to Orlando. 

We launched RoriTravel as a Twitter page to market the Examiner page, but its taken on a wonderful, amazing life of its own! Soon, RoriTravel will be where all the energy goes, allowing me to share travel in a place I love, telling you about my adventures, and inviting you for the ride… and hopefully, inspiring you on your next Florida vacation.

Thank you! Thank each of you who have read a single article or come back time and again. It is you for whom I write, you for whom I am working so hard. I love Florida, I love to do these things, and I love sharing them so that you can remember your Florida, discover something new, or perhaps, introduce me to something new. 

I hope you’ll make the transition with me. We’ve been working on adding video, getting photos and trying to come up with places to see, while getting deeper into old friends.

Thank you my dear reader for your time - it is more appreciated than you’ll ever know.

And, if there is something you want to see or learn about or hear an opinion on, just ask & I’ll do my best… so, its about time! The New Look of RoriTravel and all new RoriTravel’s Florida is about to launch! 

Assistant Laura, artist Dan Mackin and myself at the Wyland Gallery, Disney’s Boardwalk. Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul.

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RoriTravel Blog changing…

Hey gang, 

I was going to post a couple new articles today, with photos, but when I went to do it, the publishing tool really messed them up - again.

The new RorITravel look is about to make its debut, so I’m thinking I’ll just wait for that. So stayed tuned & if all goes well… next week you’ll find a new look!

And as soon as the video camera arrives - we’re adding video!

Thanks for your patience… a whole new world is opening up… I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

(Funny - the pub tool didn’t have an issue with this… )

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The links & photos don’t keep coming

Hey gang! Don’t know the deal, but even after letting IT know, I’m still having the “occasional issue” with the links & photos not working on here. Don’t have a clue why it works one day, but not the next. 

Not wanting you to wait for it to get fixed, I’m posting articles to get the info up, and I’ll fix things later…

That said… we’ve got a new look coming - SOON! 

Video too!

Stay tuned… not too much longer & you’ll see Florida the way its meant to be seen… on your computer! 

Have a good one… Rori

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Conor Daly is one of MazdaSpeed’s young guns. Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul

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Florida Spring has arrived in full bloom. Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul

Florida Spring has arrived in full bloom. Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul

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Twitter away

Hey all, just wanted to remind you to join me on Twitter - RoriTravel (of course) and let the good times roll… or at least tweet!

I Retweet all sorts of Travel stuff & send up news of my latest postings here - so come on over & join the fun!

Also, don’t forget this will be changing soon… new look & we’ll be adding video! See Florida as it was meant to be seen - on a computer!

Later Dudes…

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Illinois’ Galena holds Wine Lovers Trek 2010

Hey up there in my old stopping grounds - how’s the weather been? Having spent the first 3 decades of my life among you, I know that feeling that sets in around now…

The grey skies have closed in, your crisp, cold breath lingers on the air too long, whatever powder remains is stained with city life & everyday hassle. Things just feel long, cold, hard - winter. And you begin to not just yearn for spring, but ache for it.

Have no fear… spring is just around the corner, and to get things off to the right start, take a road trip out to Galena March 26 - 28th.

Not only will you have the beautiful rolling scenery, but you’ll end up in Galena just in time for their Wine Lovers Trek!

Enjoy friends, food & wine in Galena. Photo courtesy of, and copyright by Van Osdol Photographics. 

For the 5th year, the grand old town of Galena is hosting the community-wide celebration of good wine, good food & good friends! This 3-day event is filled with fine wines, culinary delights & celebrity chefs, all brimming with the heart of lovely Galena. 

There is the SOLD OUT Grand Tasting & Wine Auction that gets the weekend off right. Ok, so it is SOLD OUT - you’ll miss the more than 300 wines that will be sampled. Not fun & a bit teasing - you know, the missing out part.

So… make your plans for the 6th annual weekend & get your tickets now! The 2011 Grand Tasting is Friday, March 25th. 

But… you can still enjoy the delights, delicious, & de-lovelies of this wine weekend. Wine dinners, wine tastings & wine-themed activities abound throughout Galena. From romance to personal indulgence, from friend-friendly enjoyment to sweet & special, there is something for everyone. 

For a full list of activities and events, visit the Wine Lovers Weekend site & set your sights on Galena.

Galena. Illinois Wine Lovers Weekend

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