Hidden Mickey in Florida Countryside

OK, you’ve heard of ‘em - those Hidden Mickey’s the Disney Imagineers placed throughout the parks. They’ll show up in a painting or railing, on the ground or on the ceiling. Books are devoted to them, fans spend entire vacations searching for them, people just love their Hidden Mickey’s.

One can only guess what the Imagineers are thinking when they come up with a new one, a new place, a new idea…

So I’m online tonight doing my work, and I was looking at one of those Google Maps where you can see everything like a picture. I’m following a road through Florida (outside of Orlando & the Walt Disney area) and I spotted an actual Hidden Mickey.

Likely not planted by an Imagineer, but rather a Disney fan - I’m going to give you a shot at finding it…

Long Shot:

Can you find the Hidden Mickey in this long shot? Check it out - Disney’s Bay Lake is visible in the lower right area. (no skipping ahead)

Medium Shot:

Spot it yet… Magic Kingdom visible in lower right corner… but our Hidden Mickey isn’t there!

See our Hidden Mickey yet? Disney World is no longer visible, but the HIdden Mickey should be easy to spot now…

There it is! Would LOVE to know what creative genius did this… Crop Circles? Mickey the Giant Farmer? Mother Nature?

So, can you find our Mickey friend up in the top photo? Top left quarter, to the right of 25/27 and a little lower than that really large lake. Pretty cool. Would really love to know its story… or would I? Sometimes these things are best left to the Imagination…

02/16/10 at 9:13pm
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